Friday, December 13, 2013

Training As Represented By A Circle

In some organizations training may be viewed as a redundant task since an employee performs with great results the same tasks day in and day out. Or, some organizations may compare training to a long path of a “never ending story”. However, training is neither redundant nor a long and never ending path; Training is Continuous Improvement and a Circle. 

Training is a tower of circles.
When a new person is starting in a job the Enterprise has an indoctrination training planned even if one does not exactly know a new employee’s competence level. Based on historical facts, one assumes that a new person is qualified to enter the Circle of Training at the position’s Level of Performance Criteria.

Training becomes the circles of a “Circle Cookie Cake”, where each circle represents an organizational competence, performance criteria and training-entry level. The wider circles represent levels where more people are working. At the top, the circle is small with only a few selected individuals. 

When there are Management changes an Enterprise is conducting a “for cause” Management Review and a review of change which could affect the established Safety Management System. Should there be a change of Accountable Executive, it’s the top ring of the “Circle Cookie Cake” where training is applied. 

When there is a change of an established operational process, it is one of the lower rings where training is applied. Training applies to each circle of Performance Criteria.

Each circle represents an Enterprise’s planned training for Competence, Effectiveness and Continuous Improvement. 

The circle is complete
When a person has completed the circle’s indoctrination training level of training, it becomes a simple task to add SMS&QA training; technical; recurrent; and training for Continuous Improvement.