Thursday, June 19, 2014

When Paperwork In Order Becomes More Important Than The Process

It's an easy trap to be trapped in that having the paperwork in order becomes more important than the process itself.

When the paperwork gets an A++ rating it is assumed that the output of the process makes operations safer. This assumption is totally wrong if safety is solely based on how colorful the documents are and how well spoken the speakers are.

Perfect craftsmanship it gave in since the paperwork and planning placed the building in the wrong environment.
At the opposite end of the paperwork, it is a trap to assume that the output of a process is a threat to safety if the paperwork is a failure. This assumption is wrong if lack of safety is solely based on incomplete documents are and lack of public speaking ability.

Everyone are impressed or discouraged by the first impression (the first 7 seconds) and let  bias emotions rule the outcome. It takes a genius to put bias emotions aside and evaluate fairly, or it takes the tools of SMS and SPC to achieve the same result. 

If the outcome wasn't as expected, maybe bias and emotion prevented fair evaluation.
Paperwork sets the stage for process to follow, and the actions sets the stage for output of process. The paperwork is the memorybank, and where the outcome is the last link of the chain of multiple, and often memory tasked inputs. 

To achieve high quality safety, first class documents must be accompanied by quality assurance of memorized tasks performed. Assuming that the documents conform to regulatory requirements; the weight to put on what people write and say is a ratio of the lack of delivery to expected level of safety. In other words, if weighing words equal to high quality safety level the priority task becomes to achieve in document development and public speaking.